I'm the trainer for you if you love fad-free fitness, yoga and Pilates!
Growing up, I was a chunky kid who loved books and cartoons. I was not keen on sport at all. -Until we did a 'fitness' unit in high school P.E. I loved everything about it: weightlifting, sit ups, even aerobics! 
Fast forward many years later and I'm still that bookish kid who loves sci-fi and fantasy. 
But, I'm not so chunky anymore. (",)
In the 15 years I've worked in the fitness industry, I have earned a Certificate IV in Fitness, a Certificate IV in Pilates and hold a 200 hr Yoga Teacher qualification. I love working with people 1-on-1 and being a part of what they do to take care of themselves. It's an honour I don't take lightly.
I am also a group fitness ADDICT. Besides yoga and Pilates, I also teach fitness classes and spin. 
I believe that fitness is a feeling that everyone can define for themselves. Of course, all change requires sacrifice, but if you want to it badly enough, you can do it! Everyone can get fit, be fit and stay fit. 
The hardest part is getting started. -I'm ready if you are!
Outside of fitness, I work as a freelance writer. My love of all things 'wordy' has led me to write fiction for adults, author a children's picture book and garner screenwriting credits, too.  
Yours in movement and merriment. -DC
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